Thursday, January 5, 2012

More Poetry for January Morning

Mother, spoken reverently, can moisten hardened hearts
Mother, spoken harshly, can tear same hearts apart
Mother, spoken gratefully, brings grown men to their knees
Mother, spoken conjures images heavenly
How can a mortal designations press into divine?
How does a simple woman, flawed, create a memories shrine?
Does she comprehend the value that she brings to those for whom she cares?
Does she understand the consequence of love so freely shared?
When she kneels and asks for heavens help, does she know she is not alone?
When she kneels and shakes for her lifeblood's best, does she sense her power has grown?
She passes beyond the mortal realm and becomes a hallowed space.
Her goodness speaks for her heavenly worth. Mother. A hush is placed.
Despite her hours and years of care, she sees her flaws too great.
Mother, Mother, Mother, Mother, could their be a greater fate?

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