Thursday, January 5, 2012

More Poetry for January Morning

Mother, spoken reverently, can moisten hardened hearts
Mother, spoken harshly, can tear same hearts apart
Mother, spoken gratefully, brings grown men to their knees
Mother, spoken conjures images heavenly
How can a mortal designations press into divine?
How does a simple woman, flawed, create a memories shrine?
Does she comprehend the value that she brings to those for whom she cares?
Does she understand the consequence of love so freely shared?
When she kneels and asks for heavens help, does she know she is not alone?
When she kneels and shakes for her lifeblood's best, does she sense her power has grown?
She passes beyond the mortal realm and becomes a hallowed space.
Her goodness speaks for her heavenly worth. Mother. A hush is placed.
Despite her hours and years of care, she sees her flaws too great.
Mother, Mother, Mother, Mother, could their be a greater fate?

Poetry For A January Morning

It seems that life is too easy now
Growing in Love daily
Seeking for God still
Awaiting the most anticipated day of joy
Feeling like everything is well
Not being drowned in self-doubt, or pity
Beauty in being adored and cherished
Surrounded by greater hopes and aspirations
Life keeps moving on
It does not stop
It does not apologize for being lived
It is
It is the key to happiness
Finding how to let yourself be happy
Life seems to be too easy now

Friday, June 5, 2009

Somethings are worth waiting for. . .

Somethings are worth waiting for I tell myself each day.
Like the dry and barren ground waits for the moist and delicate rain.
Somethings are worth reaching for even when there far away.
I've seen flowers reaching as they search for the sun's rays.
Somethings are worth hoping for I have experience here.
Hope is what keeps me believing that the future is so near.
Somethings are worth believing in even when that seems so hard.
Believing you can find true love when your heart is one big scar.
Waiting for you to see me is not what makes me cry.
It is reaching for you with such hope. Trusting that I won't be denied.
Scarier still is believing that if it ends it's for the best.
That I will be able to move on and let what has been rest.
I must admit that I can't see how this will end,
but I guess life is just that way, it's full of twists and bends.
Somethings are worth waiting for. . .
I wish I knew if that was you.
Somethings are worth reaching for,
will you ever reach back too?
Somethings are worth hoping and believing for.
Tell me if it is you and these feelings I can't ignore.
Tell me I'm not waiting for a cause that has been already lost.
Tell me that this will be worth as much as it has cost.
Help me see that's all I ask, that's all I can implore.
Help me understand that this is all worth waiting for.

Friday, February 20, 2009

I just want to go on a stinking date.
It's causing me to be full of hate.
Just one freakin' day a year,
can't you get off your lazy rear?
I know it's kinda hard for you,
but will you ever get a clue?
If you like my company
and like to eat my pastries.
You need to stop being a jerk!
Don't I get at least one perk?
I can do almost everything.
Heck I can even dance and sing!
But there is one thing I cannot do,
and that is be a man for you!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

What is it you Want?

How am I supposed to know how you really feel?
How am I supposed to guess what is really real?
How am I supposed to trust that you will still be there?
How is it I want so much, when I usually don't care?
What is it you want to say but do not once again?
I don't know if I can be satisfied with you just as my friend. 
Go away or come really close just stop standing there.
I have found that kind of honesty is really just so rare.
I am tired of not knowing and not being able to tell.
All I know is I hate myself because I slipped and fell.
I hate it that I get so scarred because the way I feel. 
and I hate it that above all this I go on with it still.
I am not ready to go and leave you here behind, 
I feel you too much in my heart and also in my mind.
One day soon, I'm sure I'll know and I will feel what's right, 
Until that day I will wait here still and keep on with the fight.


Nothing every just stands still, time insists to move.
Nothing ever stays the same and sticks within it’s groove.
Nothing is ever as expected Hard to know what’s next?
Nothing every goes as plans then I have to reflect
Nothing makes it seems like it really isn’t that important
Nothing seems to leave you in a chance of enchant
Nothing can change the way that I feel for you
Nothing will really be the same when we are through
Nothing stops and nothing goes with out a simple touch
Nothing tries to make you feel it wasn’t worth that much.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I still need the rain

I still need the rain

Rain is one of the most enchanting events.
Little droplet start to fall on dry pavement and cement.
It starts with just a little drop and then it is a stream.
It glistens on the blades of grass and makes the Evergreens.
Rain can fall in sheets and it can cause disaster.
What started with a little drop can gush with trembling power.
Days of rain can make you feel enclosed within the gray
Searching for the glimmer of the suns enlivening rays
Rain can come in burst, it come in little flurries
Rain can turn to ice or snow in colder times of worries.
Days of sun can make you feel invincible and new
happy that you have passed the time of morning frost and dew
Me I think that I would prefer the occasional afternoon shower
Make me remember why I love the sun and flowers.
To wish away the rain would be futile and close minded
To hate the rain would just cause pain to the undelighted
You can not forget what is made with a little drop in turn
We need the rain to help us live, this is a truth I've learned
So bring the rain, bring it fast or slowly anyway can
Why not look forward to the rain it has made me who I am?